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A proactive approach allocates legal resources to improve processes and procedures that cultivate profitability and foster strategic growth, through automation, standardization and transaction structure. 


Today’s businesses face a more competitive landscape than ever before, but opportunities for growth have never been better. With reliable business counsel services, well-managed companies can achieve their strategic development goals with Spizzirri Law by their side. Drawing on over 30 years of business, legal, tax and financial experience we help businesses manage risks and allocate resources for growth with strategic management of your legal function and we are ready to collaborate with you.  Business owners may view legal expenses as unnecessary or even wasteful. However, appropriate legal expenses add business value and driving a higher sales price upon exit. For example:

1.) Careful drafting of legal agreements, governing instruments and contract management mitigate or eliminate civil litigation expenses.

2.) Regulatory Compliances and preparation during the ordinary course of business before a regulatory investigation begins is much more cost effective than preparing documentation during an investigation or in response to regulatory information requests and then arguing for abatement of penalties and interest.

3.) Risk management to mitigate unexpected loss outside the owners control from negligence, natural disasters or other outside factors.


Civil litigation is generally more expensive than alternative dispute resolution or commercial negotiation. Advanced planning mitigates litigation expenses in specific situations. With strategic planning, we can identify the high risk situation unique to your company and plan to manage that risk and insure against it.  Most business insurance policies provide coverage for legal fees as well as settlement amounts or judgements. 


In addition, many policies of general liability protection allow the insured to carry a rider that allows them to select an insurance defense firm of their choice rather than allow the insurance company to decide. Careful review and selection of general liability and other applicable insurance coverage is therefore very important. 


In the alternative, plaintiffs business-litigation costs can be covered by contingency fee arrangements, where the plaintiff does not play anything unless a recovery is made, hybrid hourly-contingency engagements and litigation financing are all options available to plaintiffs who prefer not to bear the expense associated with the prosecution of their case to improve cash flow and profitability.


Our  team will conduct due diligence on existing contracts to determine areas of improvement and recommend steps to avoid potential disputes. This practice strengthens your company’s relationship with customers and vendors, so you can enjoy mutual benefits.


If your legal expenses are out of proportion to your operating budget, it’s time to consider an investment that will put you in control. The successful execution of our methodology has reduced legal costs for clients. If contract issues seem to be a persistent problem, we can review your existing agreements to discover areas of risk while you strengthen your relationships with trade partners; rather than damage them  through litigation. You can also rely on our guidance to manage numerous risks that could potentially drain your resources.

We troubleshoot your existing agreements to avoid legal issues in a subsequent sale, redemption of the founder, or recapitalization.

The absence of provisions for succession planning, distributions in complete redemption, reorganizations, mergers or other transactions often create chaos that can kill the deal, destroy deal value or result in extremely expensive transactional litigation between stakeholders. Often, companies forego detailing these provisions to save a few thousand dollars at formation, only to suffer a loss of millions in the future.


  • Renegotiating Evolving Contractual Relationships is a Key to Avoiding Disputes

  • Increased Contractual Complexity

  • Dispute Prevention & Avoidance

  • Contract Management as a mechanism to reinforce relationships with Customers and Vendors

  • Mutually profitable contractual relationships evolve to accommodate change enjoying reduced litigation risk, enhanced satisfaction and improved profitability


Working with Spizzirri Law ensures that  proactive steps are taken to reduce the risk of your business ventures, which improves your profitability. Those steps include everything from reviewing insurance policies to securing your intellectual property.


Under our preventative approach, your company’s cash flow is more reliable; you can generate profits or raise capital with reduced risk and your business enjoys greater profitability.

Our proactive approach begins with a top-to-bottom diagnostic review of your legal function to identify potential problems and areas for improvement. As project management professionals who identify profit opportunities, we continuously refine strategic and tactical policies with the goal of maximizing enterprise value while mitigating or eliminating risk.

Preventative Maintenance


Reduce Costs, increase predictability and produce better outcomes

  • Proactive v. Reactive

  • Litigation Reduction

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Commercial negotiation of disputes as a method to improve customer and vendor relationships

Crises Management

Third-Party Risk Identification, Management and Mitigation

  • Transactional Structuring

  • Organizational Structuring


Budget to increase the value of your business. We provide numerous strategic advantages, including a more profitable exit strategy for:

  • Greater Cost Reduction

  • Efficient Project Management

  • Improved Budget Forecasting

Proactive Planning Rather than Reactive Fire Drills Result in:

  • Better time management

  • More Predictable Cash Flow

  • Risk Reduction

  • Improved Profitability

  • Increased Enterprise Value

  • Reduced Cost of Capital

  • Lower Tax Burden

Counsel services are comprehensive. We generally begin with a total review of all your company’s documents: business plan, ownership agreements, employment contracts, shareholder agreements, company bylaws, company handbook, permits, insurance policies, loan contracts, commercial contracts, and commercial leases. This provides us with an intimate understanding of your enterprise and enables us to make specific recommendations on the steps you can take to minimize risk. We also work with your development officer to vet strategic opportunities. Finally, when disputes arise, we take decisive steps to preserve the value of the contract or relationship in question and get your operations back on track.

We proactively prepare you.

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