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A proactive approach allocates legal resources to improve processes and procedures that cultivate profitability and foster strategic growth, through automation, standardization and transaction structure. 

Most litigation reduces profits. The substantive time requirements of dispute resolutions distracts business owners from pursuing core missions of profitability. If you have ever wondered what value your business derives from its legal counsel, you may want to consider a new approach to business counsel services. Paul Spizzirri, Esq. is an accomplished business attorney in practice for more than 30 years, who is prepared to collaborate with your business to create a controllable, budgeted and purpose driven legal plan. Spizzirri Law is a strategic partner, not a detached observer. We don’t just step in when you get into trouble; but anticipate issues and propose processes and procedures to address them before they become problems, so you can focus on your business.


I take proactive steps to reduce the risk of your business ventures, which improves your profitability. Those steps include everything from reviewing insurance policies to securing your intellectual property.


Under our preventative approach, your company’s cash flow is more reliable; you can generate profits or raise capital with reduced risk and your business enjoys greater profitability.

Our proactive approach begins with a top-to-bottom diagnostic review of your legal function to identify potential problems and areas for improvement. As project management professionals who identify and exploit profit opportunities, we continuously refine strategic and tactical policies with the goal of maximizing enterprise value while mitigating or eliminating risk.

Preventative Maintenance


Reduce Costs, increase predictability and produce better outcomes

  • Proactive v. Reactive

  • Litigation Reduction

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Commercial negotiation of disputes as a method to improve customer and vendor relationships

Crises Management

Third-Party Risk Identification, Management and Mitigation

  • Transactional Structuring

  • Organizational Structuring

Litigation and Class Actions

M&A, False Claims (Qui Tam), Employment, Asbestos, Patent Trolls, Loss of Chance Damages and Injury-less Claims, Plaintiff’s Bar & State Attorney General Alliances


To minimize their legal spend, many emerging companies neglect to get a patent, copyright or trademark, so that enterprise value is ultimately lost. We encourage companies to look at intellectual property protection expenditures as investments in appreciating assets that will maximize enterprise value at the time of sale. This comparatively moderate cost is always preferable to extremely expensive litigation to defend the company’s brand from infringement, customer confusion, fraud and misrepresentation by other actors who exploit unprotected intellectual property assets for their own profit.

Proactive Compliance Initiatives


  • Review Compliance Procedures

  • Provide Documentation Guidelines

  • Develop Best Practices

Continuous Examination Preparation

  • Preparation

  • Organization

  • Documentation

  • Reverse Due Diligence

  • Proactive Remedial Measures


The purpose of international planning is to add legal certainty to cross-border transactions between private parties, either as individuals or corporations. International business organizational and transactional structuring can involve a patchwork of conventions, protocols, model laws, legal guides, uniform documents, case law, practice, and custom, which form a regulatory framework for relationships among private parties in an international context.

For success in matters of international law, an attorney must be able to collaborate smoothly and efficiently with legal counsel in-country. As a business lawyer in Atlanta, I have participated in several multijurisdictional, complex litigation matters in Latin America, Europe and Asia, including alternative dispute resolution processes in the People’s Republic of China.

I also have experience forming and optimizing transactional entities worldwide, such as new holding companies and special purpose entities. I have worked to refine international intercompany transactional agreements and transfer pricing analysis. I have managed legal issues related to corporate structuring, intellectual property, employment and labor, securities, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, contract management, risk management, budgeting, and third-party risk assessments.

When you retain my services for your international venture, I take a proactive approach to minimize risk and enhance the value of your investment.

We help prevent loss.
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