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A proactive approach allocates legal resources to improve processes and procedures that cultivate profitability and foster strategic growth, through automation, standardization and transaction structure. 

Today’s businesses face a more competitive landscape than ever before, but opportunities for growth have never been better. With reliable business counsel services, well-managed companies can achieve their strategic development goals with Spizzirri Law by their side. Drawing on over 30 years of business, legal, tax and financial experience we help businesses manage risks and allocate resources for growth with strategic management of your legal function and we are ready to collaborate with you.  Business owners may view legal expenses as unnecessary or even wasteful. However, appropriate legal expenses add business value and driving a higher sales price upon exit. 

For example:

1.) Careful drafting of legal agreements, governing instruments and contract management mitigate or eliminate civil litigation expenses.

2.) Regulatory Compliances and preparation during the ordinary course of business before a regulatory investigation begins is much more cost effective than preparing documentation during an investigation or in response to regulatory information requests and then arguing for abatement of penalties and interest.

3.) Risk management to mitigate unexpected loss outside the owners control from negligence, natural disasters or other outside factors.


Most litigation reduces profits. The substantive time requirements of dispute resolutions distracts business owners from pursuing core missions of profitability. If you have ever wondered what value your business derives from its legal counsel, you may want to consider a new approach to business counsel services. Paul Spizzirri, Esq. is an accomplished business attorney in practice for more than 30 years, who is prepared to collaborate with your business to create a controllable, budgeted and purpose driven legal plan. Spizzirri Law is a strategic partner, not a detached observer. We don’t just step in when you get into trouble; but anticipate issues and propose processes and procedures to address them before they become problems, so you can focus on your business.


Many small businesses fail to investigate the proper application of sales, use, excise, payroll, personal property, business license and other state and local taxes to their particular type of business. After years of operating without tax compliance, companies can find themselves owing several times the amount of the original tax liability as a result of interest and penalties. In addition, sales tax and payroll tax fall within the family of trust fund taxes for which owners may have personal liability without regard to the protections offered by the corporate veil to owners of corporations or limited liability companies. Moreover, these liabilities may not be discharged in a personal bankruptcy and can therefore follow owners for decades.


Planning for civil litigation improves the outcome of the dispute resolution process.  We work with clients in advance of litigation to discuss the process as it relates to the preservation of evidence in anticipation of litigation, the litigation process, settlement analysis and terms and conditions of settlement agreements. 


Failure to perverse evidence can result in the inability to move your case or properly defend against a claim against the company. In addition, failure to pursue evidence can result in court-imposed sanctions against the litigant and can result in forfeiture of the case. Therefore, it is important to establish a procedure to capture and preserve documentary and digital evidence.

In addition to preserving evidence, care should be taken to implement risk management practices including prudent insurance protection against risk of loss and to cover legal fees and litigation costs associated with litigation costs, which is a primary benefit of business insurance. Therefore, it is important for legal counsel to carefully review contracts of insurance and especially concerning scope of coverage, deductibles and the ability to select defense counsel. 

When clients wish to pursue a claim against a defendant, we can often offer contingency fee arrangements in commercial cases, introduce our clients to litigation fundings sources, propose and manage the litigation budget and evaluate the financial, tax and legal factors associated with settlement offers including the cost-benefit analysis associated with offers of judgement, whether to make a settlement offer, and whenever to accept a settlement offer.

We create shelter.
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