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A proactive approach allocates legal resources to improve processes and procedures that cultivate profitability and foster strategic growth, through automation, standardization and transaction structure. 


Our experienced staff includes revenue officers and auditors who spent decades working at the Internal Revenue Service. We apply a multi-faceted approach that includes verifying that the tax, penalties, and interest claimed due have been correctly calculated. We then complete a financial analysis of each taxpayer’s specific facts and circumstances to determine the amount each tax pair can pay. Finally, we negotiate appropriate payment arrangements with the Internal Revenue Service including installment plans, an offer in compromise, or a Payment deferral.

The IRS has aggressive tools at its disposal to collect back taxes and penalties. However, indiscriminate use of such tools, including the filing of tax liens can restrict your access to the capital. Suddenly you are faced with a Catch 22: use capital to continue operations, so it’s impossible to repay what you owe, or repay your back taxes, but cease business operations.

This choice can be even more difficult when tax compliance failures come as a surprise result of an audit examination where previously unknown liabilities for tax, interest, and penalties can exceed your ability to pay. Before you let IRS collections force you into bankruptcy, consult a knowledgeable tax attorney who can protect your rights.

We help find a passage.

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